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About MTK Technology Group

MTK-Technology Group is bringing aviation checklist technology to utility and industrial processes using mobile computing. Checklist devices help organize, guide, and track work activity and reporting requirements through WIFI, cellular or satellite communications.

Interfaced through a server that integrates customers’ control data systems and procedure libraries to sequence required steps, a variety of popular mobile devices and operating systems can function as checklist devices. Each customer’s unique culture, regulatory requirements, plant configuration and operational procedures are base-lined by MTK-Technology Group experts and converted to checklist design using the current aviation Industry Best Practice (IBP).

Accomplishment of procedural steps, completion of required training, and worker-generated reports and comments are seamlessly captured and archived chronologically. This brings a whole new level of procedural visibility and risk control to distributed industries, along with the ability to project information forward to verify procedural efficiency, quality, and adherence to approved standard operating procedures.


About MTK Technology Group

MTK Technology Group is a Maine-based enterprise focused on merging aviation-style process design with handheld mobility to deploy Adaptive Checklist Technology (Patent Pending).

We translate proven aviation process characteristics and apply them to benefit other  complex, high-consequence activities.


MTK News

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